SAP Press - ABAP Unit Writing and Executing Unit Tests

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SAP Press - ABAP Unit Writing and Executing Unit Tests


1 ABAP Unit Overview

1.1 Unit Testing Terminology

1.2 Understanding How ABAP Unit Works

1.3 ABAP Unit and Production Code

2 Creating Unit Test Classes

2.1 Unit Test Naming Conventions

2.2 Test Attributes

2.3 Test Methods

2.4 Managing Fixtures

2.5 Test Class Generation Wizard

2.6 Global Test Classes

3 Assertions in ABAP Unit

3.1 Creating and Evaluating Custom Constraints

3.2 Applying Multiple Constraints

4 Managing Dependencies

4.1 Dependency Injection

4.2 Private Dependency Injection

4.3 Partially Implemented Interfaces

4.4 Other Sources of Information

5 Case Study: Creating a Unit Test in ABAP Unit

6 Executing Unit Tests

6.1 Integration with the ABAP Workbench

6.2 Creating Favoritesin the ABAP Unit Test Browser

6.3 Integration with the Code Inspector

7 Evaluating Unit Test Results

8 Moving Towards Test-Driven Development

9 Behavior-Driven Development

10 UML Tutorial: Use Case Diagrams

10.1 Use Case Terminology

10.2 An Example Use Case

10.3 The Use Case Diagram

10.4 Use Cases for Requirements Verification

10.5 Use Cases and Testing


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